Welcome to Daniel Walton Art


My father, Daniel Walton, has been creating beautiful oil paintings of the south east for over 40 years.

While his talents have ranged from still life to landscape, water colors to oil, for 30 years he specifically focused his time and energy on creating

enchanting landscapes of the Golden Isles...

The place I call home.

His paintings capture the beauty and romance of this unique corner of the South East, leaving the viewer wanting more of these enchanting collection of islands.

While I have always known my father's talent, it is only as an adult that I have truly seen the uniqueness and value of his work.

These paintings are cherished pieces of our family history, and it brings us great joy to share them with others.

We hope these prints become a treasured part of your family, as they have ours.




Meet the artist

Daniel Walton is an artist and graphic designer.

He worked with Sea Island for over 30 years. His design work has received numerous gold, bronze and silver Addy Awards. While working as the manager of the Sea Island print shop, Sea Island won five annual Best of Show awards for PIAG. His ad designs for Sea Island have been published in over 100 publications, both national and international.

Daniel is also a painter specializing in landscapes and cityscapes. His paintings have been sold through art galleries on St. Simons Island, GA, Atlanta, GA, and Highlands, NC and have been sold independently to
collectors across the nation.

After retiring several years ago, Daniel now lives in the North Georgia mountains with his wife, Annie. He has two daughters and six grandchildren.

Along with continuing to paint, Daniel enjoys playing with his grandchildren, spending time in his garden and is always looking for a new book to read.